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List of Works



Harambee: Road to Victory, Improvising Flute, Choir and Orchestra, 2012

Stealing Freedom in Broad Daylight, 2011

Flight for Freedom, Improvising Flute and Orchestra, 2011



 Before and After (Nuclear War), 2012

 Triple Sunset, 2012

 Cave of Self-Induction, 2 flutes and percussion, 2012

 Snowflakes, flute, bass, guitar, percussion, 2011

 Dream Deferred, solo piano, 2006

 Wondrous Birth, string quartet, 2005

 Sweet Tooth, string quartet, 2005

 Symbology, any instruments (3 or above), 2005

 Waterdance, flute, cello and frame drum, 2003

 Balafon, balafon, two violins, cello, bass, 2003

 For the Brave for experimental solo voice, 2001

 Four Flirtations for Bb Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, 1999

 The Bath, vocalist and percussion, 1990




Arc of O, improvisers, chamber orchestra and electronics, 2010

Bridging Worlds, chamber ens w/tenor sax, flute, vibes and rhythm section, 2011

Amber Sunset, chamber ens w/tenor sax, flute, vibes and rhythm section, 2011

Top Secret, chamber ens w/tenor sax, flute, vibes and rhythm section, 2011

Wheatgrass, chamber ens, with any improviser and rhythm section, 2011

Afrika Rising, chamber ens, w/tenor sax, flute, marimba and rhythm section, 2011

Inside a Dream, string quartet, improvising flute and piano, 2008

Qualities of My Father:  A Tribute to Michael E. Mitchell, (3 fl, 3 vlns, 2 vibes, trombone, bass clarinet, string bass), 2007

I.  Integrity

II.  Qualities of My Father

III. Memories of Love




Amber Sunset, 2011

Afrika Rising, 2008

Cause and Effect, 2005

Wondrous Birth, 2008

Umoja, 2007

Skating, 2008

Water Rhythms for Harp and Big Band, 2007

Waiting for the Train, 2006

Generations, 2005

Thanking the Universe for Our Path Together, two vocalists and big band, 2008

Love Has No Boundaries, vocalist and big band, 2005

Seven Days and Nights (Kwanzaa), vocalist and big band 2001




Any Size


Symbology, any instruments (3 or above), 2005

Exploration #1 for any instruments (solo or above)

Episodes for Creative Ensemble, any instruments (3+) w/rhythm section, 2007               

Black Unstoppable, quartet-large ensemble (any instruments w/rhythm section)


13 Instruments


Many Paths to the Sea:  A Tribute to Alice Coltrane, 13-tet, 2007 (3 fl, vocals, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, harp, piano, harmonium, cello, bass, drumset, percussion)

I.  Seeker

II.  Focus

III. Liberation

IV:  Sovereignty

V.  Desire

VI.  A Drop in the Ocean

VII.  Appreciation


11 Instruments


Honoring Grace:  Michelle Obama, 11-tet, 2009 (flute, vocals, violin, sitar, tenor sax, trumpet, cello, piano, mbira, bass, drumset, percussion)

                        Fresh Faces on the American Landscape


                        First Lady

                        Clearing a Path

                        New Light in Chocolate City

                        South Shore

                        Destiny of Honor and Grace


10 Instruments


Intergalactic Beings:  Xenogenesis II, tentet, 2010 (flute, vocals, violin, trumpet, tenor sax, cello, electric guitar, bass, drumset, percussion)


                        Cycle of Metamorphosis

                        The Ooli Moves

                        Dripping Matter

                        Negotiating Identity

                        Web of Hope

                        Fields of Possibility

                        Resisting Entanglement


Hope, Future and Destiny, tentet *, 2003 (flute, violin, trumpet, tenor sax, cello, electric guitar, piano, bass, drumset, perc)

I. Wondrous Birth

II.  Curbside Fantasee

III.  For Daughters of Young Love

IV.  Journey for 3 Blue Stones

V.  Message from the Mothergoddess

VI.  In the Garden

VII.  Skating

VIII.  Wanna Make You Smile

IX.  Future’s Meditation

X.  The Healing Ritual

XI.  Time for Change


9 Instruments


Xenogenesis Suite, non-et, 2007 (flute, vocals, trumpet, tenor sax, cello, piano, bass, drumset, percussion)

I.  Wonder

II.  Transition A

III.  Smell of Fear

IV.  Oankali

 V.  Adrendalin

VI.  Transition C

VII.  Before and After

VIII. Dawn of a New Life


8 Instruments


Harambee Project, taiko drums and jazz octet*, 2006 (vocals, flute, trumpet, tenor sax, bari sax, piano, bass, drums, taiko drums)

I.  Chaos

II.  Negotiation

III.  The River Remembers

IV.  Division

V.  Segregation

VI.  Come Together

VII.  Harambee

VIII.  Home at Last


Arc of Wind, octet *, 2010

Movement of Life, octet *, 2010

Wheatgrass, octet*, 2001


7 Instruments


Mother Nature Suite, septet *, 2010

Sun Cycles, septet *, 2005


6 Instruments


Thanking the Universe for Our Path Together, 2 vocalists and sextet *,  2006

Umoja, sextet *, 2001

Peaceful Village Town, sextet *, 2001


5 Instruments


Wind Current, quintet *, 2011

Cubical 6, quintet *, 2008

Reaching for the Stars, quintet *, 2008

Southside World, quintet *, 2008

The Creator Has Other Plans for Me, quintet *, 2005

Cause and Effect, quintet *, 2002

Radiant Light Energy, quintet *, 1997

Love’s Groove, quintet *, 1997

Off the Clock, quintet *, 1997

Bluerise, quintet *, 1997

Falling Sun, quintet *, 1997

Troot:  True to the Root, quintet *, 1992

 Aaya for marimba and jazz quartet*, 1994


4 Instruments


Sunday Afternoon, quartet *, 2007

Expectation, quartet *, 2007

There, quartet *, 2007

 February, alto flute and rhythm section, 2006

 Curly Top, quartet *, 2011

Journey on a Thread, quartet *, 2011

Center of the Earth, quartet * , 2011

Awakening, quartet *, 2011

Momentum, quartet, 2011

More Than I Can Say, quartet *, 2011

Visitations, quartet *, 2010

Chocolate Chips, quartet *, 2010

Wishes, quartet *, 2010

Emerald Hills, quartet *, 2010

Affirmations, quartet *, 2010

Peace, quartet *, 2010

Ritual and Rebellion, quartet * with spoken text, 2010

The Tortoise, quartet *, 2006

Navigator, quartet *, 2002

Touch of Brown, Plain Black Blues, quartet *, 2001

Renegades, quartet *, 2001

On the Nile, quartet *, 2001

Wondering, quartet *, 2001

Sweet Tooth, quartet *, 2001

Mama Found Out, quartet *, 2001

Black Earth, quartet *, 1998

The Bath, quartet *, 1998

Yearning, quartet*, 1989


3 Instruments


Omou, trio *, 2010

Friendship, trio *, 2010

Jazz Hipnoza, trio *, 2008

Take Refuge, trio *, 1998

Stand Strong , vocalist, and rhythm section *, 1997


2 Instruments


Inside the Earth, 2 flutes, 2011


Improvising String Trio, Flute and Percussion


Crossroads, 2008

No Matter What, 2008

Anatolia, 2008

Windance, 2008

Bitter Buds Still Bloom, 2006

Wade, 2003

Ice, 2003

If I Could Have You the Way I Want You, 2002

Waris Dirie, 2001

By My Own Grace, 2000

Episodes of an Obscure Life, 2000

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Sanctuary:  Aaya’s Rainbow, 2000

Vision Quest, 1999

                        I.  Seeking Enlightenment

                        II.  Walk of Discovery

                        III.  The Unknown

Lessons in the Womb, 1999

Daddy Gone, 1997


Improvising Flute, Vibes, Bass and Drumset


Aqua Blue, 2007

Aquarius, 2007

Adaptability, 2007

Above the Sky, 2007

Today Today, 2007

Diga Diga, 2007


Jazz Quintet and West African Percussion


It’s Happening, 2007

Where I Go, 2007

Sunshine, 2007


Jazz Octet and West African Percussion


Afrika Rising Trilogy, 2001

            Mvmt 1:The Ancient Power Awakens

            Mvmt 2: Metamorphosis

            Mvmt 3:  Intergalactic Healing


Vocal Music


GoldMind, lead sheet, 1998

Chants of Praise, lead sheet, 1997

Stand Strong, lead sheet, 1997

Mi Ma Ma, for vocal quartet, bass and percussion, 1995

Wombman Born, for vocalist and jazz quartet, 1994

Womanfirespirit, spoken word and flute, 1990

Black Indian, piano and spoken word, 1990

I’m Not Black Enuf To Be Too Black, lead sheet, 1990




Martin Luther King Was a Great Man, lead sheet, 2002

Peace and Love, lead sheet, 2002

Fredrick Douglas, lead sheet, 2001

Life is a Circle, lead sheet, 2001

The Little Ones, vocalist and jazz quartet


* denotes flexibility with instrumentation

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