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Nicole M. Mitchell—Creative Flutist/Composer/Educator;


2000                Northern Illinois University, M.M. Flute Performance (Jazz, Classical)

1998                Chicago State University, B.A. Music (cum laude)

Flute                            Mary Stolper, John Fonville, Ann Laberge, Susan Levitin

Jazz                             Jimmy Cheatham, Donald Byrd, Wendall Logan, Art Davis

Creative Music            George Lewis, Edward Wilkerson, James Newton, Anthony Braxton

Composition               John Eaton, Coleridge Taylor Perkinson, Alvin Singleton

Music Theory              Ed Klonosky




2013              When Life's Door Opens for Chamber Orchestra and 3 Vocalists (Tri-Centric Orchestra,   

                      Roulette, New York)

2012               Mother Earth: Black Earth Ensemble and Ballake Sissoko (Kora) (Manzoni Theater, Milan)

                       Harambee: Road to Victory for Flute, Choir and Orchestra (Chicago Sinfonietta)

                       Cave of Self-Induction, two flutes and percussion (International Contemporary Ensemble)

2011               Flight for Freedom for Creative Flute and Orchestra (Chicago Composers Orchestra)

                       Stray Light, sound installation (David Hartt, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago)

                       Stealing Freedom in Broad Daylight for Orchestra  (American Composers  

                                         Orchestra/Columbia Univ)

2010                Intergalactic Beings:  Xenogenesis II (Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art)

                        Arc of O (Chicago Jazz Festival)

                       Mother Nature Suite (Chicago Jazz Festival)

2009               Honoring Grace:  Michelle Obama (Jazz Institute of Chicago)

2008               South Side World, Cubical 4 (Now Orchestra, Vancouver)

                       Inside a Dream, for flute, string quartet and piano (Reginald Robinson)

2007               Many Paths Meet the Sea (Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs)

                       Qualities of My Father  (Umbrella Organization, Chicago).

2006               Dream Deferred  (Ravinia Festival, Chicago)

                       Harambee Project (Made in Chicago Fest and Estrada Arts, Poland)               

                       Three Pieces for String Quartet  (FAQ String Quartet)

                       Cause and Effect (University of Chicago Jazz X-tet)

2003               Vision Quest:  Hope, Future and Destiny (Jazz City, Illinois Arts Council)



2012               Keynote Speaker "Jazz, Race and Politics," Vancouver Jazz Festival Colloquim

2009                Keynote Speaker “Improvisation, Law and Justice” Conference, Montreal, Canada

                        “Art As Social Discourse:  Xenogenesis Suite,” Crossings:  Jazzin’ the Cultural Fields, Paris

                        “Creative Improvisation and Composition,” Jazz and Creative Music Workshop, Banff, Canada

                         “The AACM:  It’s Role in Chicago and the Musical World” MLA Conference, Chicago.

                         “The Future of Jazz,” NEA Jazz Panel, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture,    


                        “Black Music and Social Empowerment,” Tufts Univ. Emerging Black Leaders Symposium,


2008                “The AACM:  A Power Stronger Than Itself,” The Kitchen, New York; Chicago Cultural Center,

2005                “AACM and Music Actuelle,” Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium, Guelph, Canada



2012                Cornish College of the Arts

                        Banelius Blues Jazz Festival

2011                Vancouver Jazz Festival

2010                Chicago Jazz Festival Artist in Residence; Vancouver Jazz Festival; Sherwood Flute Institute

2009                Banff Workshop for Jazz/Creative Music; Oberlin College; Vancouver Jazz Festival; University

                        of New Mexico; California State University Fullerton; University of Kentucky; Sherwood


2008                Dartmouth College; Amherst College; Howard University; Carthage College; Sherwood

                         Conservatory; Northeastern Illinois University; Vancouver Jazz Festival

2007                Banlieues Blues Festival, Paris; Vancouver Jazz Festival; Sherwood Conservatory

2006                  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Canada Jazz in the Schools; University of Guelph

                          (Canada);  Vancouver Jazz Festival; Sherwood Conservatory; Estrada Arts (Poland)

2005                Vancouver Creative Music Institute; Sherwood Conservatory; Haystack Mountain School,




1998-present   Black Earth Ensemble                                                

2001-present   Black Earth Strings                                            

2007-present     Black Earth Orchestra

2007-present   Ice Crystal Quartet                                

2006                Harambee Project                                              

2004-2005       Tindanga Mama                                                 

1997-2000       Dreamseekers


MUSIC COLLABORATIONS (flute/alto flute/piccolo/vocals)

2008-present    Truth or Dare (with Renee Baker and Shirazette Tinnin)

2006-present    Anthony Braxton's 12(+1)tet 

2005-present    Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra     

2005-present    Indigo Trio (with Harrison Bankhead, Hamid Drake)              

2005-present    AACM Great Black Music Ensemble

1997-present    David Boykin Expanse                                   

2000-present    Frequency (with Ed Wilkerson, Arveeayl Ra, Harrison Bankhead)       



2012    Banelius Blues Festival, Paris; Cornish College of Music, Seattle; Museum of Contemporary Art,

            Chicago; Avaulx Jazz Festival, France; Symphony Center, Chicago

2011    Outpost, Albuquerque; Sons d’Hiver Festival, Paris; Junas Jazz Festival, Junas, France; Maggio

            Florientino, Florence, Italy, Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Chicago; Stockholm Jazz Festival

2010    Vancouver Cultural Olympiad Concerts; Chicago Jazz Festival; Mito Festival, Milan, Italy; Sons d’Hiver

             Festival, Paris; Made in Chicago Festival, Poznan, Poland; Jazz Goes to Town, Prague; Atlantique

             Festival, Brest, France; Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Chicago; South Shore Jazz Festival, Chicago;

              Chicago Symphony Center

2009    Chicago Jazz Festival; Sant’Anna Arresi Festival, Sardinia, Italy; Sons d’Hiver Festival, Paris; Umbria

             Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy; Insolent Noise Jazz Festival, Pisa, Italy; Vancouver Jazz Festival, Canada;

            Suoni Del Popolo Festival, Montreal; Banff Centre, Canada; Tri-C Jazz Festival, Cleveland

2008    Sons d’Hiver Festival, Paris, Chicago Symphony Center; Vancouver Jazz Festival, Canada; Centro

            Cultural del Matadero, Huesca, Spain; Antico Teatro Sociale, San Vito, Italy; Cinema-Teatro

            Torresino, Padova Italy; Teatro Circo Braga, Braga. Portugal; Centro Congressi Artemide, Castel San

            Pietro, Italy; Torun Dwor Artusa, Torun, Poland     

2007    Insolent Noise Jazz Festival, Pisa, Italy; Vancouver Jazz Festival, Canada; Vision Festival, New York;   

            Chicago Cultural Center; Millennium Park, Chicago; Victoriaville Festival, Canada; Torun Dwor

            Artusa, Torun, Poland; Banlieues Bleues Festival, Paris; Guelph Jazz Festival, Guelph, Canada; La Sala

            de Rosa,  Montreal; Chicago Jazz Festival.

2006    La Labbre Nude Festival, Rome; Made in Chicago, Poznan, Poland; Banlieues Bleues Festival, Paris;

            AACM-New York Concert Series; Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, U.S.; Chicago Jazz Festival;

            Vancouver Jazz Festival, Canada; Millennium Park, Chicago; Chicago Cultural Center; Auditorium

            Theater, Chicago; WTTW Centerstage, Chicago

2005    Sons d’Hiver Festival, Paris; Kerava Jazz Festival, Kerava, Finland; Museum of Contemporary Art,

             Chicago; Vancouver Jazz Festival, Canada; Suoni de Popolo Festival, Montreal; Deer Isle Jazz

             Festival, Maine;  Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago; Chicago Jazz Festival; Millennium Park,

             Chicago; Vision Festival, New York.



2012               Doris Duke Award

2011                Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

                        3Arts Award in Music Composition

2010                Alpert/Ucross Residency Prize

                        Meet the Composer Creative Connections Grant for Intergalactic Beings

2008                3Arts Ragdale Residency Award

2007                Chamber Music America:  New Works Grant for Xenogenesis Suite

Illinois Arts Council Special Assistance Grant for Xenogenesis Suite Multi-Arts Project

2005                Illinois Arts Council Fellowship for Music Composition

2010                Meet the Composer Creative Connection Grant

2009                Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program (CAAP) Grant

2008                Chamber Music America:  New Works Commission

                        Illinois Arts Council Special Assistance Grant

2005                CAAP Grant

2003                Jazz City: Illinois Arts Council funding for multi-arts play (Vision Quest)

                        CAAP Grant

2001                CAAP Grant

1990                Ford Mellon Research Grant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


2012                 Top Flutist, Downbeat Magazine  

                         Flutist of the Year, Jazz Journalist Association         

2011                  Top Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

                          Top Rising Star Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

                          Flutist of the Year, Jazz Journalist Association

2010                  Artist in Residence, Chicago Jazz Festival

                          Flutist of the Year, Jazzit Magazine (Italy)              

                          Flutist of the Year, Jazz Journalists Association

                          Top Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

                          Top Rising Star Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

                          External Award, University of Illinois: Chicago                                                                                                                                             

2009                Top Rising Star Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

2008                Flutist of the Year, Jazz Journalists Association

                        Top Rising Star Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

                        Top Ten, Rising Star Composer, Downbeat Magazine

2007                Top Rising Star Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

2006                Chicagoan of the Year, Chicago Tribune

                        Who's Who in America

                        Top Rising Star Flutist, Downbeat Magazine

2005                1st Place, Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll, Rising Star Flutist

2005                Illinois Arts In Education Roster
                         Top Rising Star Flutist, Downbeat Magazine


ORCHESTRA WORK (flute/alto flute/piccolo)
2010                Tri-Axium Orchestra, Conductor/Composer Anthony Braxton

2005-present    Chicago Sinfonietta, Conductor Paul Freeman  

2005-2010       Joffrey Ballet Orchestra, Conductor Leslie Dunner, (Cinderella, Othello, Nutcracker, Rite of Spring)

2004                Harold in Chicago, an Opera by Ed Wilkerson Jr.

2004-present    Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Conductor/Composer Orbert Davis          

2001-2006       New Black Repertory Ensemble, Columbia College  

1998                Northern Illinois University Philharmonic      

1997-98            University of Chicago Chamber Orchestra



Nicole Mitchell: Awakening (Delmark 2011); Before After with Joelle Leandre and Dylan van der Sheff (Rogue Art 2011), Nicole Mitchell’s Sonic Projections: Emerald Hills (Rogue Art, 2010, CD), Anaya: Indigo Trio (Rogue Art, 2009, CD); Renegades: Black Earth Strings (Delmark, 2009, CD); Xenogenesis Suite: Black Earth Ensemble (Firehouse 12, 2008, CD); Black Unstoppable: Black Earth Ensemble (Delmark Records, 2008, CD); Black Unstoppable: Black Earth Ensemble (Delmark Records, 2008, DVD); Anthony Braxton 12(+1)tet Victoriaville (Victoriaville, 2008, CD);  Anthony Braxton:  Live at Iridium, Anthony Braxton 12(+1)tet  (Firehouse 12, 2007, CD);  ICI Ensemble and George Lewis, (Pao Records, 2007, CD); Frequency (Thrill Jockey Records, 2006, CD); Indigo Trio:  Live In Montreal (Greenleaf Music, 2005, CD); Hope, Future and Destiny (Dreamtime, 2004, CD); Afrika Rising: Black Earth Ensemble (Dreamtime, 2002, CD); Vision Quest: Black Earth Ensemble (Dreamtime, 2001, CD)


2011-Present    University of California, Irvine:  Assistant Professor of Music

2008-2011       Chicago High School for the Arts: part time Jazz Faculty

2006-2010       University of Illinois, Chicago: Visiting Lecturer, (2009), Adjunct Professor (2006-09)

2006-2009       Wheaton College: Director, Jazz Band

2001-2006       Chicago State University:  Instructor, Music Theory

2001-2007       Northeastern Illinois University: Instructor, General Music

Spring 2006     Northern Illinois University: Instructor, Jazz History



2010                Board member, Tricentric Foundation

                        Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) 45th Anniversary

                        Celebration,  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

                        AACM Creative Music Institute at University of Illinois Chicago (three days of workshops)

                        AACM Music School Showcase, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

2009                Founder, Chicago Creative Music Institute (two days of workshops)

2009-2011       Chairman, Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Chicago Chapter

2006-2010       Board member, Jazz Institute of Chicago

2006-2009       Sons d’hiver Festival Partnership with AACM

2006                 Velvet Lounge relocation fundraising concerts

2005-2008       Grantwriting for AACM (Oak Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Illinois Arts Council,

                          MidAtlantic Arts Foundation

2005                AACM 40th Anniversary Celebration, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

2004-2006       Education and Community Coordinator, Jazz Institute of Chicago

2003-2005       Founder, Black Future Month Jazz Festival (3 day festival)

2001-2012       Board member, AACM, Chicago Chapter

Curriculum Vitae

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