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Hope, Future and Destiny:  Black Earth Ensemble

Dreamtime 2004, Chicago

Nicole Mitchell flutes, melodica, vocals, composition; Savior Faire violin; David Boykin tenor sax, soprano sax; Tomeka Reid cello; Corey Wilkes trumpet; Brian Nichols piano; Arveeayl Ra drumset; Aquilla Sadalla vocals; Glenda Zahara Baker vocals; Josh Abrams bass; Eddie Armstrong vocals; Tim Jones guitar

1. Wondrous Birth (intro)

2.  Wondrous Birth

3. Curbside Fantasee

4. For Daughters of Young Love

5. Journey for 3 Blue Stones

6.  Message from the Mothergoddess

7.  In the Garden

8. Skating

9. Wanna Make You Smile

10. Future's Meditation

11. The Healing Ritual

12.  Time for Change

13. Journey for 3 Blue Stones Instrumental

Hope, Future and Destiny

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