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Frequency Thrill Jockey 2006

NICOLE MITCHELL - C flute, alto flute, piccolo, bass flute, melodica, Egyptian harp, vocals, plastic bag
EDWARD WILKERSON - tenor sax, clarinet, wood flute, bells
HARRISON BANKHEAD - contra bass, cello, wood flute, bells
AVREEAYL RA - percussion, kalimbas, Native American flute, vocals

Frequency is a quartet showcasing the improvisational talents of four longtime members of Chicago’s storied underground jazz scene.

Pitiful James 5:24
Take Refuge 4:50
Satya 18:48
Portrait Of Light 5:23
Fertility Dance 8:26
From The Other Side 10:36
The Tortoise 4:36
Optimystic 6:07
Serenity 5:53


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