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Black Earth Strings

 photo by Michael Jackson

Renee Baker violin/viola, Josh Abrams bass, gimbre, Tomeka Reid cello, Nicole Mitchell flutes

Black Earth Strings:  Renegades

Black Earth Strings review on National Public Radio 

At the forefront of jazz, new music and creative improvisation, Black Earth Strings brings African rhythms, contemporary sounds and swinging improvisation to a chamber music setting.  An acoustic ensemble of four members, Black Earth Strings includes flute, piccolo, alto flute, vocals, violin viola, cello, string bass and percussion to create a wide range of textures and colors. Black Earth Strings is a quartet with flute Nicole Mitchell, violin/viola Renee Baker, celloTomeka Reid and bass Joshua Abrams. Black Earth Strings performs ideally in acoustically designed performance halls.   Black Earth Strings has performed in art venues and festivals throughout the Midwest and in Europe.  Delmark released the Black Earth Strings album, Renegades in 2008, which also features percussionist Shirazette Tinnin.

Listen to Black Earth Strings Renegades here

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